Love is in the air, particularly in Hollywood because more than half of the tinsel town is busy surprising us with news of getting knocked up or the stork having visited them. Many of the fans are even wondering if there is a fertility drug doing the rounds in Hollywood these days. But the obvious answer is no. The reason for this unusual baby boom in the industry is because of the over enthusiastic media that is dishing out every minute of celebrity lives these days.

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But then again, who are the A-listers who welcomed their babies and reported meatballs in their ovens this year. Actors Jennifer Garner, Kristin Cavallari, Reese Witherspoon, Hillary Duff, Uma Thurman and Drew Barrymore are some of them who reported being pregnant last year and have delivered their cute bundles early this year.

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Artists Beyonce Knowles, Snooki, Adele and Jessica Simpson are the famous crooners who have also added to their brood this year. One amazing fact to note here is that most of these singers have not even been married to the fathers of their new born. That says a lot about women’s liberation, which has come a long way, post 20th century.

So what ever else the latest Hollywood baby boom conveys or not, it definitely is talking volumes about how women are on the top (at least in Hollywood). Let’s go ahead and checkout the following information graphics on who are the lucky celebrities to get baby this year.

Top 47 Pregnant Celebrities of 2012-2013

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