The U.S. Presidency has greatly influenced the entire national economy in recent 4 years with lot of changes. It has always been an influencing part on everyone including to that of the advertisers and consumers who they are trying to connect to.

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We care about our economy and below is an awesome information graphic on the complete summation of Barrack Obama Presidential poll years. It defines all the mistakes done and success achieved during those days.

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We everyone believe that the Economy is infact progressing day by day but there are various stats below which we have collected might prove us wrong, starting from the fact there has been more unemployment in 2012 than in previous years.

Another point which might blow your mind is that gasoline price which has not just gone up the mark but has also reached to almost double than what we use to get in previous years. Do take a look at the following infographic and let us know what you feel about it.

Hope and Change – 4 Years of Barrak Obama in US Presidency

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