Are you aware of the fact that Social Media is growing day by day? Social Media, itself is becoming more powerful then search engines as well. Yes, these days lot of companies are indeed using their social media like Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn and many others to find employees who can execute their task very well.

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Are you also among people who are looking for jobs? definitely, who doesn’t want a job that gives out consistent income all the day. You can find more resources on different channels to find jobs from emerging job opportunities in the world.

Lately, many companies has also started using social media in their recruitment process, which gave them immense benefits of finding candidates who are best suited for a particular job. You can also get one, follow below to read out

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We have also highlighted some of the top best universities according to social media power

  • Johns Hopkins University
  • Harvard University
  • University of Notre Dame
  • Ohio State University
  • Columbia University

So what you think about Social media in the recruitment process? Does it help in finding the best available candidate or it doesn’t? Do share your views on it.

How 85% Students are Recruited in College from Social Media

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