Pregnant women undergo changes that may/maynot be recognizable right from the conception. The changes are to support the constantly growing life within the body of a pregnant woman. The changes may be on the hormonal, physical and renal and many other fronts.

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The first common change is the breathing and the rate of respiration increases so as to serve the needs of both the foetus and the pregnant herself. Increased cardiac response is the next observable change in which the heart pumps much more blood, and as a result the blood pressure decreases due to the expansion in the cardiac muscles.

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Progesterone relaxes the muscles due to the the bulge caused in the uterus and hence the reduced bowel movement results in constipation. Hormonal changes result in the tenderness of the breasts resulting in the increase of their size as the delivery date approaches so as to facilitate the lactation. Along with the above mentioned variations, a lot of other changes occur with the onset of pregnancy which are mentioned in detail in the following infographic.

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