It is the American Dream to start your own business and make billions like Mark Zuckerberg or Sergey Brin and Larry Page. Did you notice that all three of those people are men? I certainly didn’t until I started researching the idea for this infographic.

Go ahead and try to name three hugely successful *female* founders? I’ll wait. Still waiting…


That’s what I thought! Despite the fact that women are more successful today than they ever have been in the business world before, there still seem to be a variety of challenges facing professional women today. Some sources of funding seem to be fairly discriminatory in this regard, perhaps due to the examples listed above or due to the risk of pregnancy or other motherly commitments interrupting business operations. Even so, we believe that all business ventures should be judged on their own merits. Let’s put it this way: if Marcia Zuckerberg had come to us in 2004 looking for funding, we probably would have been happy to oblige.

After analyzing the data, we found that certain states within the United States seem to be more friendly to women-owned businesses than others. For instance, Washington DC, Maryland, New Mexico, Hawaii, and Georgia have the 5 highest proportions of female-owned businesses. Georgia also find itself on another prestigious list by having the fastest growth in the number of female-owned businesses of any other state with 118% growth. Following closely behind are Texas with 98%, North Carolina and Nevada with 91% each, and Mississippi with 81%.

It should be noted that growth percentages can be deceiving in terms of their reflecting current realities. A high growth percentage could mean that a state has taken concrete steps towards helping women who want to start their own businesses succeed by giving tax breaks or something similar. However, it could also mean that the state is simply catching up to the rest of the country after years of being behind the curve.

Either way, these are just a few of the highlights you’ll find in the attached infographic. Check out the whole thing to learn more. Perhaps in a few years we can get to a place where women and men are treated totally equally in the business world.

How American Women are Empowering & increasing Revenues