Canon and Nikon are the two of the most popular names when it comes to camera.  The history and statistics related to these companies are presented in the below part of the article.  Nikon Corporation was founded in the year 1917 in Japan and the first branded camera of the company was released in the year 1948 and it was known as Nikon 1.  Precision Optical Instruments Laboratory which was the predecessor of Canon was founded in the year 1937 in Tokyo. In the year 1947, the renamed Canon Camera Co.Inc. In 1964, the company introduced the first 10 key calculator in the world and it was names as Canola 130.  The first camera with an embedded micro computer was launched by Canon in 1976 and it was known as AE-1.

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As per the global IDS numbers for the year 2010, Canon captured the 44.5 % of the market of digital SLR while Nikon captured the 29.8% of the market.  If we consider the region wise sales of Canon in the year 2011 then Europe has the highest share with 1,113,065 millions of Yen followed by America with 961,955 millions of Yen. For Nikon, America has the highest sales of 237853 millions of Yen followed by Europe with 203240 million of yen.

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Besides camera, other products of Canon include film projectors, electronic dictionaries, printers, portable flash, calculators and multifunctional peripheral/digital copiers.  The list of products by Nikon include binoculars, spotting scopes, film scanners, cameras, microscopes, rifle scopes, steppers/scanners and laser rangefinders.

As per global market share in the year 2010, Canon stands at 19.6 billion while Nikon stands at 6.7 billion. If we consider the worldwide digital camera market shares by vendor in the year 2010, then Canon tops the list with 19 followed by Sony with 17.9 and Nikon with 12.6.

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