Cars are getting bigger and faster than ever, but are they better? We’re not sure, but certainly they’re safer thanks to all the modern technology like airbags and crumple zones that go into them. If you look back a few decades at some popular cars, you can see how much growth they’ve experienced.

For some cars this is significant, as we have also published best time to buy cars details, for others it’s borderline astounding. We’d be quick to say that today’s automobiles are safer, faster and more comfortable than ever, so it should be no surprise that they’re bigger, but we would have never thought they’d be this much bigger.

From the Honda Civic to the Ford Explorer and some of our other cars in-between, see this information graphics of how much our cars have changed over the years. Feel free to geek out over all the changes and similarities in the design language for each car—there’s a bunch—and try to imagine yourself sitting in and driving one of these older (or newer) models.

While it’s true that old American cars were even BIGGER than the new cars you see here (think Cadillac El Dorado, Chevrolet Bel Air, Oldsmobiles etc.), none of those models exist anymore so they can’t realistically be compared. We wish they were still made though!

If you’re sad about this growth in size, you can be consoled by the fact that modern technology and advances in materials (and the need for lighter weight which equals better gas mileage) are yielding cars that are lighter by the year, and in fact the new “cool” trend in cars is to be small, think from the Fiat 500 to other Chevrolets and even the Toyota Yaris. Car sizes are always changing in trends!

How Car Sizes Defines the Automobiles Evolutions through the Years