Proposing a girl is one of the most difficult task in this world. Also proposing a Girl who is friend of ours is really a tough and challenging task for most of us. To over come these situation, we have brought you something special today to be ready with and go forward to propose your love.

We everyone knows that when it comes  to Proposing, it starts with the boys, because Girls normally feel shy to propose to a guy. Also there are almost 100% cases where girls want their partner to do something special and make them feel one of the best girl of the universe, just as i did to Angel Jain, one of the best, infact the only best girl of this Universe. Girls normally want their partners to show more romance instead of just saying “Will you marry me?”, which is just old with the new world now.

While most of the Girls want their partner to bend down on knees and then propose sweetly, out of the total, over 49% think this way. While his is just one fact, there are also various others facts and figures which are illustrated in the following infographic on how to Propose Girls.

So what are the way you have tried to Propose your partner? Do share your thoughts and ways to propose your partner and how many time you tried with us in the commenting section.

How Girls want Boys to Propose them [Infographic]