Having in mind this infographic by Australia’s’ Crucial, as the figures show, the number of active mobiles worldwide will reach 8 billion in 2018. They will have about 2 GB of monthly traffic on average. Also, the progress in the mobile data traffic is enormous. For example, in 2013 the download speed rose to 1,387 KB, which is more than doubled speed in comparison with the year 2012. Also, 2013 saw a new cluster of a half a million mobile devices added to the global cell phone market.

The expansion of cloud services encourages the further development of mobiles. Today the largest share of the cloud mobile use is taken by calls and file sharing. However, in 2018 about 80% of the market will belong to video and audio streaming, online data storage and social networking. Already smartphones generate millions of photos uploaded and stored directly to social networks or cloud accounts.

Social media also have a large commercial potential for mobile users. With more than 1.2 billion Facebook current users and the number still growing, consumers of mobiles require immediate actions in the fields of marketing and online shopping. Responsive design of apps and customer targeting will help e-commerce businesses to track mobile users’ habits.

Additionally, QR codes and near field communication (NFC) accelerate online and offline shopping, as well as web surfing in general. Offline retailers start using them and migrate online to attract mobile users. In terms of retail, m-commerce still refers mostly to (on-point) transactions. But it already spreads to accessing parking, traveling, and transportation features via mobiles.

This decade will definitely confirm image as the leading hallmark of the mobile world. By 2018, it is assumed that video materials will take about 70% of the mobile data traffic.

In terms of ecology, mobile users are open to greener approach and use of devices produced on the basis of Eco-friendly principles. Their Eco-awareness will be developed in the years to come.

The global market of mobile phones will see immense growth in the time before us. It will be interesting to get all these figures in 2018 and see how close we got to them.

How Mobile Devices are ruling with 8.2 Billion Connections