You know that you need to be turning off appliances behind. You know that there are gadgets that you leave running when you don’t need them. You know that you leave some of your gadgets on standby when you could really have turned them off. But do you know how much this is costing you.

The main reason for looking at your energy consumption is the fact that we all need to reduce our carbon footprint any which way we can. But the reality is that a lot of people just do not see the immediate impact of this. Reducing your carbon footprint is the kind of thing that we put of till tomorrow. When tomorrow arrives we then out it of to the next day.

With this in Mind Juice Electrical Supplies recently produced this infographic based on data form the Energy Saving Trust to highlight the kind of energy consumption that an average household might use.

  • Did you know that your yearly cost of lighting your home is around £70?
  • Did you know that every year you spend nearly £100 a year to run your plasma screen?
  • Did you know that it costs £15 to run your hifi for a year?
  • Did you know that it costs nearly £50 to run a standard freezer?
  • Did you know that your PS£ costs £10 a year to run?

When you start to add all these items you start to see the bigger picture – and that is that the average household is consuming vast amounts of electricity – sometimes without even realizing it. We need to switching off appliances behind us and maybe using this data will allow us to see that it is not only the environment we are hurting – but our wallets as well!

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