Twitter has been one of the most fantastic social networking ever build with immense addiction to social media. While many people use twitter to stay connected to each other, and some use for marketing purpose too. Interestingly, there are lot of other people or followers who seems to be almost inactive or fake which are prevailing in almost everyone’s profile.

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To be a good marketer you have to learn from various places, where one such interesting stuff is how Google does its marketing. However with the success of Twitter, anyone would imagine how powerful and useful, this social networking site has become after Facebook. While another social networking platform which has brought good marketing opportunities is LinkedIn.

While interestingly, twitter has grown itself to be a spam area of fake followers, which is indeed provided by many web marketers with the help of 25 online marketing tools which almost everyone is using and getting benefits in their growth.

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Below is an awesome information graphics on how managing fake followers is a pretty simple thing and who account for more fake followers in the entire world with respect to each categories.

How Twitter Manage Fake Followers and Who Spreads it?

Source: Social Selling University