You started out as a complete yoga newbie – your joints were stiff, your body inflexible and your tendons rigid. You were carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders and you were bogged down in the stresses and strains of your life.

Then you found yoga and all that started to very slowly melt away. You started to be lighter, calmer and brighter. You started to eat cleaner and take care of your body. You started to loosen up and your flexibility began to expand. You started to smile more.

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The yoga bug had got you.

Now months or even years down the line, you are a die-hard yoga fanatic and you feel it is time to share your love of yoga with the world. You want to tell the world about the amazing benefits yoga can have in your life and you want to teach others how to realize those benefits for themselves.

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You want to be yoga teacher – and an awesome one at that! But how do you start? Where do you begin?

With a sea of different training schools out there, a myriad of different yoga styles and a 1000 and 1 blog articles littering the internet on the topic – how do you know what steps to take.

In this infographic, we at Amazing Yoga Training have simplified it for you. In this we discuss how to pick the right yoga style for you, what accreditation you need, how to ensure you have the right insurance, what 1st year salaries you can expect and so much more.

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3 additional tips include:

1. You’ve got to where you are now because your yoga practice has taught you to embrace the wisdom within you. You now listen to that voice within you that knows and you don’t ignore your intuition. So when you search for the best yoga teacher training schools, make sure that you listen to your inner wisdom. That voice within you will tell you exactly which school you are meant to train with.

2. Don’t underestimate how important it is that you relate to the teacher that will be training you. Do they have the same values as you? How do they make you feel? Do they inspire you? If they are the right teacher for you, they will ignite something very special within you!

3. Live, breathe and eat your own yoga practice! The more you dive right into a life-long love with yoga and the benefits continue to enhance your own life – the more this will touch the lives of your students and you will be a truly amazing yoga teacher!

How to become an Extraordinary Yoga Instructor