Did you know that coffee grounds can tell the future? If you’re interested in having your future read from coffee, go to Bosnia where reading the future from coffee grounds is part of their tradition. And if you are travelling to Vietnam, don’t miss out on sweetening your coffee with condensed milk that makes this ubiquitous beverage taste like rich dessert.

As you can guess, most people and nations have their own little rituals and etiquette for enjoying coffee. On top of that, there are some general coffee etiquette do’s and don’ts. Note that crooking your pinkie when drinking coffee is not considered sophisticated today anywhere in the world. Furthermore, if your coffee is too hot, avoid cooling it with ice from your water glass. It is generally not considered polite to leave the spoon you used to mix your coffee in the cup. Placing it on the saucer or the plate is by far more appropriate. And, as most people already know, dunking doughnuts, biscuits and other sweet goodies in coffee is usually acceptable only at extremely casual places.

If you, as a coffee lover (or addict!), find yourself travelling around the world for business or pleasure, you should by all means get yourself acquainted with the proper ways of drinking coffee in your destination country. This can not only save you from embarrassment and strange looks from the locals, but also heighten your pleasure as you are enjoying your daily cup. As you may already know, people around the world prepare coffee in very different ways. For example, some countries like Turkey or Bosnia prepare ground coffee.

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For any coffee aficionado visiting these countries, it definitely makes sense to try their traditional coffee and see if you like it. However, if you are drinking it as you would a dose of espresso, quickly and like a shot, chances are you will not like it. Given that you do it the proper way, like the locals, you may get easily hooked to it. This is why it is always good to learn how to properly enjoy coffee in the country of your visit.

Consult this handy infographic for tips on drinking coffee in Italy, Spain, France, Ethiopia, and more visit-worthy countries.

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