The computer users across the globe are increasing with each passing day including people of all ages and sections of society. With the increasing use of computers, need for filling online registration form for various different purposes is also increasing. The statistics reveals that 86 % of the visitors leave a website if the form which they are asked to fill is too long. Thus it is very necessary that these registration forms are optimized and easy to fill. It is also seen that number of questions that are present in the form are directly related to the rate of people who drop off without the completion of the form.

There are various factors that one should consider while creating a registration form. First of all the form should be simple and have an eye catching design as well. A form is single column is considered to be a better option as compared to the form with 2 columns.

The visually large fields are considered to be better than the small fields and the form should have a logical or a natural flow. Another important factor is the clarity and preciseness of the questions so that there is no scope for ambiguity. Device optimization and error handling are also important factors to be considered while designing a registration form.

The open ID login credentials like Twitter and Facebook improves the chances to a great extent and it is also seen that if free and unlimited access is offered it will improve the conversions by 113%. The forms that are present on the right side column of the page improve the chances by 24.6% as compared to the ones present on the left hand side.

Superfluous fields are likely to be skipped by the users thus back end processes must be used to fill in the related fields.

How to Optimize Registration Forms