Google is now in the race to redefine its Search Engine by penalizing sites which doesn’t comply to its policy. However, a lot of things has been done till now in this matter with a complete series of Google Panda updates at the end of every month. With a quick 14 updates every month, now Google is assured of the quality of the Search Engine for better and quick results.

However, these penalty are designed in such a way that would actually reward the sites which has good quality content, as said by Google. Google currently has over 46 Billions pages indexed and out of which 80% of the websites are been affected by this Google Panda update.

But to be frank, Google is now making the Search Engine as according to its adwords point of view. Moreover, lot of bloggers and webmasters have already complained to Google as Google Panda has mostly affected the sites which were old and had lot of quality content, instead of affecting sites which has weak or thin content. So below is a complete guide on when Each and every Panda Update was taken out and what they focused in each updates. Also we have already share one of the best Guides on Protecting Site against Future Google Penguin Updates.

Do share your views with us on the current Google Algorithm in Ranking new websites? Also let us know whether you have been hit or you haven’t been hit by any of the Google Updates.

How to Save Website from Google Panda & Penguin Update