If you are an individual and if you are looking forward to rank up your name higher in Search Engine then you should consider the following infographic which will provide you an useful insights on getting you a bigger name and popularity with respect to branding.

While there are several Social Media Services like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter which will give your brand an awesome insights by creating an interesting page about your business, Just as most Business and companies started hiring people or Giving Jobs through Social Media. For all those people, who are unaware of How to Rank High in Search Engine is with the help of a simple but yet more diverse Concept called Search Engine Optimization.

Below is an awesome video that would tell you what SEO is all about

Getting Success in SEO requires a lot of hard work and patience out of Which Getting Google Authorship can give your lot of SEO benefits in Search Engine Rankings, not just this, but there are several factors which helps in Perfect SEO for a website. While Previous week we have also listed out how We Got 1k+ Visitors Everyday from Google Authorship?, and after that many people infact approached us to give more insights on how things can change quickly.

If you take a close look on the infographic then you will find that the Social Media websites like Facebook and Twitter are actually at #4 position and while to our surprise, we got to know that LinkedIn is ranking higher than Facebook and Twitter itself on #3. The list looks like this for major social media sites:

  • LinkedIn: #3
  • Facebook, Twitter: #4
  • Google+: #7

So Checkout the entire Infographic and you will find some cool ways to rank up your Individual profiles in Search Engine the better way! Also suggest us some of the ways which you have been following to rank up high in your Search Engine Ranking Position(SERP).

Want to Get Your Name Higher In Search Engine? Use Social Media! Learn How

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