I am excited to watch this year London Olympics 2012 live. While there are many who are not able to watch out the Olympics, so we bring you some of the fantastic ways which can you to go to and give your best Olympics forever. Interestingly, one such way of watching Olympics is with the help of Social Media websites like Facebook and Twitter who has promised to keep every single second update onto their website.

While the smartphones and tablets are going to play a big role in this year Olympics games as they are going to cover up almost entire event by giving their customers a real reality view and score and update by just a single click with various London Olympics Event Apps. And with the help of Social media today, the Olympics is almost everywhere, its on Television, Internet and guess what? its on Social Media too now.

The Olympic is almost everywhere today. Although there are lot of people who wouldn’t be able to watch the event live, so there are various Apps designed for Smartphones as well as tablets which will certainly help people to watch out for best possible sporting action. Today’s information graphic is all about how the Olympics Live event coverage has changed during the time.

We give out a special thanks to the Social Media which has played an immense role in getting us all the live updates and making it best possible for all the normal users to watch out for all the events for free and in best possible manner. So what is your favorite Olympics sporting event in this years Olympics.

How to Watch London Olympics Live Coverage on Social Media

Source: olympic.org