Today is World Tobacco Day: May 31 and still we give advice to everyone to stop smoking since smoking is very costly habit which can take up your life at any point of time. Along with being unhealthy all the time, Smoking is a contextual habit that reduces human age to almost 30%.

While, you might not believe but Smoking packet costs users over $2500 a year, which is really a big amount, where this money can be used to pay Rents, debts, take family on vacation, get a good insurance for our life and family and rest.

While, its quiet sad to know that the industry while we want to be eliminated from the world, is now the top most money producing industry of the world and is doing well in making some serious profits out of the market. While the maximum share of profits are coming from the overseas market. Even after so many years of decline, the smoking rate is even today at a high pace.

So what would you do to get Smoking eliminated from your country? Do share your thoughts and experiment to beat smoking and its increased pollution in the country with us in the commenting section.

World Tobacco Day: How Tobacco is Eating the World [Infographic]