Today, WordPress leads the CMS market. It is a great tool to enable the website designers to make customized and good looking websites. A survey held during the March 2012 revealed that about 72.4 million people use this platform to make websites.

WordPress itself has categorized its services into 2 categories which includes


One of the most important decision which people always stuck up making is the choice between choosing between or and we have also made a special efforts in giving out the best possible classifications among the two to redefine your output.

There are about 98 versions of the Word press released. Technorati, a blog search engine says that about 48 % of the top hundred blogs produce and design their websites using WordPress tool.

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Estimation is made that about 22 of every 100 websites in the USA use WordPress to design their sites. More than 37 million searches are made worldwide about the WordPress. The WordPress, with a market share of 53.8% tops the list compared to any other such service providers. There are over 19,000 plugins in available free of cost to the users in the directory. Plugins related to the SEO are the most popular of them.

Not just this, WordPress has also been listed in Online Money making ideas by which lot of people can earn some huge bucks out there with simple creative style. Here is a nice information graphic designed, which says WordPress is the emerging monopoly in CMS.