We all love YouTube. It’s one of our favorite sites when we are bored to death, and need some refreshments in the form of videos. And we’ve fallen in love with it so much that it is now considered the second-largest search engine in the world.

But can YouTube be used as an effective tool to market a product or a service? Oh yes! People are slowly losing interest over textual content with the arrival of video content marketing, and YouTube plays the most important part in it. Shooting a video, creating an account on YouTube and submitting it with an appropriate title and relevant tags is one of the hottest trends. But isn’t it a little obvious that we often tend to like the videos of big companies and ignore those from the small ones?

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The brand value matters a lot; and even if a video (created by a small company) is great in quality, it’s gonna lose (in most cases) to the “big dogs” of the market. So what should a small business do in order to attract its target audience? Vouch for local SEO, of course.

A small business should always focus on the local market first. It’s ability to attract the local audience is the one that can give it the kick-start it desires. And online business listing directories like Hot Frog and Yelp greatly help in increasing the chances of a small business get its desired exposure through higher rankings in the SERPs.

YouTube also helps in local SEO. It’s a part of Google since 2006, and it’s pretty obvious that Google will prefer it higher than any other video-sharing website. But what are the right steps to get this done? Let Dexter and Dee Dee from the popular series ‘Dexter’s Laboratory’ explain you the process of improving your local SEO with YouTube via an infographic.

How to Improve Local SEO with YouTube

Source: www.piktochart.com