The concept of luck is almost a synonym of fate. And today we want to show you how lucky you are to be reading this, to be here and to be able to study the infographic we have to show you. Just imagine that luck is like the name of the phenomenon that gathers certain conditions to generate events or series of events. That could mean you were brought here by luck. Or maybe just by probability. However, you only had 1 in 58,480 odds to read this infographic, so don’t you feel the temptation to consider yourself lucky?

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Despite the practical separation between concepts, probability and luck can sometimes be confused. The concept of luck is deeply rooted in the popular imagination, interfering with the conduct of those who believe in it. In many cultures, it is actually thought that luck can be obtained through magical devices such as horse horseshoes, four leaf clovers or a rabbit’s foot, among many other items. On the other side, probability is a part of science and math. However, it doesn’t really matter what you believe in: while you had almost no probability of ending up here, you were lucky enough to find our infographic and learn more about the virtual path that brought you to your destination.

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Although you only had a chance of 0.0000171%, you got here and found the virtual list of numbers that will explain to you how lucky you are to, first of all, be alive, speaking and understanding English, being able to see certain images and to spend more than two seconds looking at them. All combined, you had the same chances to be here as to get five lottery numbers right. This means you’re quite lucky, but take a look at our infographic and find out everything about it.

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