Male Vs Female has always been a tough comparison always. But today we are not here to compare some few general stuffs. We are going to showcase some of the best elements about male and female in terms of driving and Insurance. Driving car has now become quote general for all people whether its male or female, and both of them have been able to fulfill the role quite comfortably.

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But there are something which you don’t about them. AS everyone knows the fact that Most men are always late at their work and hence they tend of drive even more faster than the normal speed and many a times lands out in crash or accident. We have also listed out some of the best facts about Male and Female Drivers, do checkout them at the following information graphic.

Few Facts about Male

  • Male members drive rigorously resulting in more accidents
  • Almost 30% of Male drivers drivers over the speed of 60KM/hr
  • Male are the one who always want to over take someone
  • Male drivers generally have alcohol and drive
  • Male sometimes go to sleep while driving on roads
  • Most male are not bother to checkout the car before starting for a drive
  • As far as distractions is concerned, male members gets more distraction in their cars in terms of eating, making noise and all
  • Male are the one who pays more for the Insurance

Few Facts about Female

  • Female generally drive casually on roads resulting in less accidents
  • Female generally drive at lower speed unlike males
  • Most Female generally don’t overtake someone, its infact they ask others to follow them 😛
  • Although Female drivers also have alcohol sometimes, but the ratio is less as compared to Male drivers
  • Women never ever sleep while driving! Mark my words.
  • Female are always concerned about their cars and thus they always look for complete in and out before starting a drive.
  • Viewing all the factors above, Female thus pay less for insurance as compared to Male.

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Insurance Guide: Who is a better Driver - Men vs Women?

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