Here are some of the interesting facts about tanzanite.

  • The Tanzanite gemstone was introduced to the world market by Tiffany and Company, who christened it on the name of its country called Tanzania.
  • It has been included in the list of birthstones for December born with zircon and turquoise. This was an announcement made by American gem Trade Association in 2002.
  • It is considered lucky for gifting tanzanite on your 24th wedding anniversary. The piece of jewelry can be surrounded by smaller diamonds to enhance its overall appeal.
  • A folklore states that Masai cattle herders noticed it around 30 years ago, when the fire as caused by lightening and burned that area.
  • Even being introduced late, this stone has become famous with that of diamond, sapphire, ruby, and emerald. It has started holding a special place in the jewelry market.
  • It is stated that the changing color capability of tanzanite is representative of raising consciousness.
  • The gemstone of Tanzanite is meant to elevate the mood and removes negative habits. It transforms them into positive energies. With these exclusive capabilities, it has got famous.
  • It brings good fortune to the person, who wears Tanzanite.
  • It is thought to be an excellent stone enhancing meditative skill and brings inner peace.
  • Being a brittle stone, it requires extensive care and should not be worn in tough working conditions.
  • The Tanzanite belongs to the mineral family of Zoisite and was discovered by an Indian by the name of Manuel D’Souza.
  • After its discovery, Tanzanite managed to gain recognition world over and won hearts more than any other gemstone.
  • These stones are 585 million years of old and are very rarely found in its true blue color.
  • Tiffany and Company of New York has the most beautiful collection of tanzanite in the world.
  • As per a custom in Tanzania, mother giving birth to kids has to wear this gemstone for the long life of her new born babies.
  • It lends an ability to speak truth and improvise communication skills.
  • The gemstone is believed to be the mode of communication with the inner world of spirits.
  • It is also associated with developing inner strength and boosting morale.
  • It is believed to have descendant on earth to awaken heart energies of the mankind.
  • The Tanzanite gemstone is fragile and can brake on being hit or exposed to excessive heat.

Tanzanite has an alluring look, which has enabled it to become an important part of the jewelry world. It is well known for exclusive shine and rarity because they are available in only one place called Mererani hills in Tanzania. The price range depends on the quality and color of tanzanite as pure blue is very rare in terms of availability.

Source: Unknown