Many Surveys has been done till now to find out what actually employees want in their office and we found out some of the most interesting facts about them. While a survey highlighted that almost all employees spend an average of over 13 hours. Out of which 6.2 hours are spend on thinking what their boss might tell or think about them.

These things not just affect the Employees work culture but also most of the time affect employees personal life as well which in turn damage psychological and physical health as well in the end. So its always advised to have a good relationship with the employees so that they also feel like they are in turn working for a family as a family which in turn would promote and promote the growth of the company more and more.

Most of the time we see our boss are going on with bad behaviors with us (employees) and this will ultimately lead to improper growth of the business, infact most of the time employees leave the organization in between and thus hinder the growth of the business leaving the project in offshore itself.

This is one of the main reason why People choose to work on for Startup Business instead of working for a full time company firm since there are too many people in the company who might not be proper to you in speaking wise, but in startup firms, i am pretty much sure that every entrepreneur know how to treat their employees, infact they treat them as their team itself. So what kind of environment are you looking forward to work in your life? Also let us know some of the best companies where the working atmosphere is just awesome with us in our comments section.

Is Bad Boss trying to kill Employees Worth in Organization

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