This infographic goes over the time table of generating leads with marketing over time. We have seen people use marketing in so many different ways over the years including TV, radio, newspaper and now more popular than any of them… the internet.

On this info graphic you will learn that From ads in the first newspaper (way back in 1690), the first American billboard (in 1835) and the first radio commercial (in 1926), to the first unsolicited commercial email (in 1978), the first web banner ad (in 1994) and the new term “Viral Marketing” (introduced in 1996), Lead Generation has come a long way.

Hopefully you will enjoy this info graphic and learn about we generate leads now compared to how the Romans and even cavemen would market their product. From the wheel to TV learn and share how far we have come and how much man kind has evolved for the better. This info graphic can be used for work, school and just about anywhere else you can think of.
Learn how many kind has used newspaper and other printing methods to change the way people view and see ads. We learn what colors and other marketing strategist that will help people notice things better.

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Find out where the first online AD came from and who was the sponsor for it. You will also find out cool random facts like when Facebook launced and got popular, along with twitter, eBay and Amazon. Some of these businesses might be older than more people would give them credit for.

You will also learn who had the first radio and TV ads. Surprising enough they are both the same. Also find out who was the first person to star in a super bowl ad and what he was showing off. You will learn tons and have fun with this info graphic.

How Lead Generation Evolved to be Most Profitable Business