Protecting our world is the prime responsibility of all citizens of this earth. Everyone seems to be busy these days with their work but no one is concerned about our Environment these days. The time has come when its vital to protect our resources and preserve all the vital resource for our upcoming generation.

Remember the movie “The Day after Tomorrow” where it clearly showed how the world is going to be if its not cared at the right time. It also showed some of the seen where we could imagine how the environment can take a U-Turn back on us, if we are continuously being destroying it at a rapid rate.

World Environment Day is a vital day for all of us, for people who want to have a better, cleaner, greener and brighter and safe environment for them as well for the future generation. Lets Pledge and try to reduce wastage by recycling all stuffs.

So what are you doing this time to protect the environment today? Do Share your story, if you have done some exciting stuff to protect environment with us in the commenting section.

Lets Celebrate World Environment Day [Infographic]

Source: usgain