Isn’t Amazing when we hear something like this? When someone actually come up with a dream of connecting to the next 5 Billion People across the Globe and take an initiative to provide internet access universally. Today Facebook holds over 1.1 Billion People accessing their Portal every month and now they want to reach to a bigger target. A Dream which could touch and keep Billions of People connected.

Mark Zukerberg also launched along with few other members. The Founding members of this initiative as according to the press release includes Facebook, Ericsson, MediaTek, Nokia, Opera, Qualcomm and Samsung.

This is what Mark Zukerberg included in a surprising Facebook status earlier this morning

For nine years, we’ve been on a mission to connect the world. We now connect more than 1 billion people, but to connect the next 5 billion we must solve a much bigger problem: the vast majority of people don’t have access to the internet.

“I’m focused on this because I think it’s one of the greatest challenges of our generation. I’ve attached a rough plan I’ve written outlining the work Facebook is doing to solve this and how our industry can work together to connect the next 5 billion people.”

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