The best ever Mobile game been made, yes you are right, i am talking about Angry Birds Game. Angry Birds have almost ruled the world and people’s mind with Mobile Apps, Commercial toys, Cushions, Clothing and many other. The modern day life is becoming so interesting with the growth of Angry Birds popularity.

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One of the main reason why Angry Birds is an awesome game is because of a simple reason of its simplicity. With this immense popularity, now we can expect Angry birds to be coming up in movies and cartoons as well. We have created an awesome information graphic about the comparison of two angry birds game below.

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Expectations are growing even more higher as we are close to the new release of another version of angry birds game. While the previous version Angry Birds Space was just amazing to play and is an interesting point to compare with that of the previous versions.

Following is an infographic which we got from the internet over Angry Birds game. Checkout and leave out your reviews on our commenting section.

Most Download & Played Game: Angry Birds vs Angry Birds Space

Source: Angry Birds