For centuries people have debated on the issue regarding the legalization of marijuana. However, after several scientific studies conducted all around the world which proved therapeutic benefits of cannabis, the question whether it should be legalized for medical purposes became more important than ever before.

What researchers discovered was that chemicals found in marijuana aid in numerous medical treatments. The two main cannabis from the marijuana plant that are currently of medical interest are THC and CBD, the first one known as the mind-altering ingredient and the latter one that does not affect the mind or the behavior of the smoker. Still, both are equally valuable for people who are looking to treat different medical conditions.

Depending on the type of marijuana strain, different health issues can be treated. Most commonly, people opt for cannabis when they are looking to treat chronic pain, severe migraines, inflammation, seizures, insomnia and stress. Furthermore, people who have problems with lack of appetite opt for smoking marijuana, since it is known for its munchies effect. Additionally, over the years, people have reported significant improvement in Alzheimer’s disease treatment, as well as many other autoimmune diseases, such as HIV/AIDS and multiple sclerosis (MS).

The problem behind the global marijuana legalization lies in the fact that there is the lack of evidence that proves its therapeutic benefits. Scientists claim that they are unable to make any progress due to a number of obstacles they are facing. Namely, since National Institute of Drug Abuse controls the nation’s research-grade cannabis, researchers are prevented from making any further scientific advancements when it comes to getting the evidence of health benefits of marijuana.

When it comes to the US, the cultivation, possession and sale of cannabis is still illegal, nevertheless, several states have legalized marijuana for medical purposes. Today, there are dispensaries authorized to sell marijuana to people who come with the doctor’s prescription. However, the price of cannabis varies from one state to another, and more often than not patients opt for the cheaper option, even if it includes a road trip. For those who are looking for the best deal on marijuana in the US, the following infographic lists the least and the most expensive states when it comes to the price of pot per ounce. At the very end, for those who consider themselves as equally recreational beer drinkers as marijuana smoker can compare the price of pot to the price of pint of beer.

How Much Does Weed Cost Across America?