Get the word out about who you are and what you do. Fret not if yours is a small or medium enterprise, because a marketing channel with a mass reach potential is available to you: promotional products. Efficient and effective—these words capture why you should have items such as custom water bottles on your business or brand’s promotional mix

Gifts or Giveaways are Well-Loved

There are a number of reasons why promotional items consistently win the hearts of consumers. For marketers like you though, there might be the looming question on why opt for these items over just giving away discount coupons.

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Note that there is an important distinction between freebies such as how promotional products often are, and discount coupons.
Discount coupons require consumers to still spend money to avail of the extra value you’re offering. The benefit then is not as immediately received.

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Freebies on the other hand are tangible items from which your recipients immediately gain value from. There’s really no need to spend money first before they can avail of the benefit (as compared to how discount coupons work).

With marketing as yet another perception game, entrepreneurs and managers like you then have to think of what will ultimately (and immediately) win over your target market’s favor, may it be attitude or practice.

Promotional Drinkware Can Do The Trick

The use of promotional products in general is definitely aimed at influencing consumer practice that’s favorable toward you. Prior to influencing this aspect of consumer behavior though, you have to first ensure brand knowledge and awareness—just what promotional products can do for you.

As a marketing or advertising channel, promotional products such as custom water bottles impressively deliver results and create an impact on your business or brand—at a fraction of a cost. Industry authorities have published several studies which verify how these items fare on metrics that matter such as brand impression and recall. With several product categories to choose from—with custom drinkware, writing instruments, and wearables as the top choices—you can creatively explore how you’d next get your marketing message across.

Check out this infographic in which we’ve summed up in 10 key points why you should use logo-imprinted items to promote brand awareness.

Need Brand Awareness? Use Promotional Products Strategy!