Online advertising is one of the most favorable industry over the internet. Have you ever wondered how the ads you see changes when you refresh one page or the other or shift to another page? Exactly, these are based upon the data gathered by the advertising networks over the years and thus they serve ads based on the niche and user preference.

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Google is one of the most profitable advertising network over the world which is making billions of profit every year. Publishers and Advertisers are one of the most important people in the advertising networks. It is because of these two people, the whole ad network is running out smoothly. Another most important role being played is by Audience which effectively and efficiently view the ads being placed.

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Most of the advertising networks have already a huge user base which consist of both advertisers and publishers. Advertisers put up the ads over the publishers blogs and websites. And then ads are been displayed over the network based on user preference.

Just as we see the ads being displayed over the internet, its not a easy concept at all. This involves a huge backend process going at the back door which reflects the banners and texts ads. Checkout the following information graphic to know more about how things work exactly between Ad network, Advertisers, Publishers and Finally Audience.

Online World: How Big is Advertisers, Publishers & Audience

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