If you are looking forward to look for some cool opportunities then we bring some of the cool infographics today which will compare some of the best languages on PHP vs Python vs Ruby. These comparisons are made on basis of Popularity, Ease of use, demand for programmers, also with related to history.

While if you are hunting for jobs and looking yourself to be in a better position in future then here’s an awesome image which would be helpful for you in all possible ways. As according to the research, Python is the most common languages across people which is followed by PHP and Ruby. While you might wonder, but the ranking came down immediately after the IEEE Spectrum’s analysis of IRC discussion.

However, there are some of the most interesting stuffs as well which includes that PHP is leading as against all various opportunities by over 21% on all listings. While you might get a shock but Ruby is just slinking at 3%, and the most ever shocker is that Python is not even listed anywhere. With the growing demands in scripts, JavaScript is currently listed at 9% and is expected to grow more with the demand.

On major jobs boards like on Monster, we find that there are across 138 listings on Ruby and Python has across to 79 posting. While on LinkedIn, we find that across to 19,000 jobs are related to just for “PHP developer”, “Ruby developer”  includes 720 postings and “Python developer” includes 1,316 jobs posting. So which Languages would you like to learn and grow your future into? Do Share your experience in learning your favorite language with us in the commenting section.

PHP vs Python vs Ruby: Which Language has Most Opportunities

Source: udemy