Pinterest is a great marketing tool for building big brands right from day one. While one of the main essentials of Pinterest is to get more and more Pins for your product or services. Also one of the most interesting thing about Pinterest is that it allows you just 200 characters, which means you will have to use your creativity to cut-short your text and description and make it more attractive and eye-catching.

However, there has also been few statistics which we have found out with the following infographics on Pinterest that some of the words like “love”, “home”, “style”, “idea”, “recipe”, “cake”, etc are getting more number of repins. This also mean that these are some of the words which gets more and more visitors, which ultimately implies that people on Pinterest like contents which are related to these words.

Moreover, you might also note that there is a difference between number of likes and number of comments as most users on Pinterest are likely to attract more customers with the help of like. Since most people don’t love to comment on Pins, if someone probably loves it, then they would be making sure to atleast like it. Another Point of instance, which has to be noted is that the Higher Number of size of images, the more number of conversion one can expect from it. Since the better and complete image the user gets, the more are the chances of attracting consumers towards a particular product or services.

So What’s more interesting stuffs you have found out about Pinterest in getting more repins? Do Share some of your tips which you follow on making your product achieving target sales with the help of Pinterest Marketing Tool with us in the commenting section.

Pinterest Marketing Tips: How to Get More Pins and RePins

Source: Danzarrela