Is Facebook really going down in terms of User Engagement? Would you believe such critics where people says that the best Social Networking Website is slipping down its platform by almost everyday. While we also made an extensive research on everything and finally got the most resources out of it.

Reportedly, we have got continuous news that this year People are spending less time on Facebook which could be more than 52% altogether, which could be people who have registered long back. Also one of the most interesting thing in this is that 36% people also reported to be saying that they have remained same as that of the previous year. Along with this there are 12% of people who have reported to spend more time on Facebook, which could be actually the new Registration.

While one of the most shocking news is that 52% of the people says that they haven’t even checked their Facebook account, while 33% admits that they do check their account regularly and 10% says that they are always online to stay connected to their friends. Interestingly we have also developed a brief Guide on Business Startup Checklist where we have already published How Facebook can Help you grow Business, an interesting and must read guide specially designed from us for all of our viewers.

However, one of the common yet surprisingly news which we are hearing nowadays is that something else would soon surpass the Social Networking site Facebook very soon by something new and innovative concept. So what would you like to tell, whether Facebook is going to stay for another 20 years or its Reputation is in danger in the next 5 to 10 years.

Reports: Reason for Facebook Popularity Continuously Sliiping Down