Samsung’s astonishing S series, here it is Samsung Galaxy S4, with world’s most excellent features in a cell phone. Most superior and most astonishing, S4 is an elongated version of S3 with an extremely thin bezel and no home button. Its camera superiority, its OS system, phone present, connectivity features, etc. are unpredictably remarkable.

Comparison: Galaxy S3 VS iPhone 4S VS One X VS Lumia 900

Samsung offers world’s top smart phones and now it is a known fact to all. When it comes to the S series of Samsung, they are just incredibly superb. The technology, the software and the techniques everything is just exceptional. Samsung Galaxy S4 is the latest one with stylist looks and customization features. This mechanism is available in white as well as black color with storage space memory of 16, 32 and 64 GB. These Samsung Galaxy series phones have turn out to be the trendiest mobile phones to be talked about.

Comparison: Galaxy S3 VS iPhone 4S VS One VS Lumia 900 VS Nexus

These Smartphone boast not only impressive basic specs, but also extraordinary specs. Samsung Galaxy S4 will feature balanced touch gesturing capabilities that means the customer will be able to navigate its interfaces without essentially touching the screens.

Apart from these mentioned things, S4 is also predictable to once again set the miles stone in the market. Samsung whenever comes, it revelation and delight people. Every time it makes everyone emphasize on the matter that what’s next? Samsung gifts the users with new technology, new features, new apps, and new software, what it has left now? There was a prediction that Samsung S3 is the best Smartphone, nothing else can be more enthralling than this.

Comparison: Galaxy S4 VS Nexus 4 VS iPhone 5

But with the news that Samsung privileged about S4 makes most of mobile lovers ponder upon the thought that what else can be more attracting than S3. Every aspect was covered by that series whether battery, camera quality, fast browser ability, fast access of files, best audio and video coverage, multi screen usage.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Specifications, Features & Apps