If printing would not have been there then we would not have been able to enjoy reading our newspaper, magazines and other printed material. It is printing that has made communication of information and news possible. The evolution of printing has been very interesting.

After the ink and paper was invented, the ancient Chinese around 600 AD made use of the carved blocks for the purpose of printing. The movable printing technique by burning the clay blocks to be formed on an iron plate was developed by the Song dynasty of China in 960 and it was later improved by Johannes Gutenberg. William Caxton was considered to be the first retailer of the books in England and he also established the first press in England. The print media started growing by the end of the 16th century and the steam powered press was invented in the 19th century. The technology of Rotary Letterpress printing made the newspapers affordable while the offset printing was developed in the 20th century.

The multicolour patterns were first attempted through the technology of Chromolithography and later on the digital printing revolutionized the world. The small and medium business industries incur various costs in printing which includes cost of the printing equipment, printer ink wastes, loss due to paper jamming, cost of stationery and cost due to frequent replacement of cartridges.

Printers are used for various different purposes in different industry and some of the most common uses include visiting and business cards, yellow pages, fliers, direct mailers, brochures, coupons, vehicle magnets, out of storage signs, posters, banners and newspaper advertisement.

There are various statistics related to the printing. The print industry has an inflow of $3.8 Trillion from the allied services and the industry is as big as $640 Billion. Around 45 Trillion pages are printed every year and 28 Million business cards are printed in US in a day. Around 1 million of printers are manufactured on daily basis.

Statistic: How Printing Evolved as Greatest Marketing Tool

Source: www.sampleprintable.com