Earlier we have shared an interesting information graphics on how Facebook Account is valued more than $115 Per users which showed the immense popularity of Facebook. Now we are back with another awesome infographics on Teachers and Students with respect to Facebook.

While its always interesting to find out the relationship between teachers and students, and when they are going to be both on Facebook, god knows how well they are going to handle each other. While there are many ways to be secured on Facebook and the list which we have provided works out well too.

Interesting with the news that facebook is slipping down, many teachers wouldn’t actually prefer to interact with students and rest of social networking platform. And as we have already discussed on Online education which could be another alternative source of education for many starting from this century onwards.

While we also suggest you to checkout top 5 careers for better income by 2017, which could be another advantage and boost for you to select the domain in which you think is better for your future. Enjoy this infographics and at the end let us know what you feel about social networking relationship between teachers and students, would it be a hit?

Students & Teachers – Should both be friends on Facebook?

Source: teaching.org