For centuries military generals have turned to the wisdom of Sun Tzu for council on warfare strategy. Many military blunders and victories throughout history have been prophesied by Sun Tzu in his text The Art of War. Key military events in history such as Gettysburg, and the Tet Offensive are foreshadowed in this instrumental book.

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In recent years, this text has been applied by large company CEO’s as a means of insight for how to best outsmart their completion in today’s highly competitive business environment. Widely read, quoted, and implement by business leaders The Art of War can inspire businessmen to best their competitors by outwitting them rather than through direct completion.

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While the foreshadowing words of Sun Tzu have been adapted by large company leaders, little has been done to apply these teachings to the small business world. Small business is the backbone of America’s economy, and the health of these businesses is essentials to the countries over economic health.

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Small business entrepreneurs can easily succumb to their completion by trying to out price them, or simply out work them to gain market share. When applied to small business, Sun Tzu’s philosophies can guide business owners to best think through their business strategy, and grow their business through means other than by cutting their pricing or working themselves to the bone. Fundamentals such as solving a customer’s unique need that the competition is ignoring is gleaned from the same advise that Sun Tzu gave his generals. This and other principles are reviewed in this graphic to serve as a catalyst and inspiration for small business leaders to think outside of the box to beat their competitors, while not going for broke.

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Here are Sun Tzu’s principles as they apply to small business planning, strategy, growth, and leadership.

Sun Tzu & How to Grow Business with Extreme Thinking & Powers