Didn’t make it to the Super Bowl? Like most of us, you probably enjoyed the big game from the comforts of your own home.

But just because you were confined to the couch doesn’t mean you have to miss out on all the social media buzz that went on within the stadium.

Using a point-in-polygon technique to isolate geolocational data in tweets from inside MetLife Stadium, MediaMiser monitored tweets sent only from the venue and its parking lot during Super Bowl weekend.

MediaMiser collected thousands of tweets from those who were at the game, and had geolocational services enabled on their device. By tracking metrics like hashtags, demographics, Klout score and tweeter influence, MediaMiser was able to create an infographic perhaps even worthy of the Lombardi Trophy.

We found, among other things, that:

  • Of all attendees to tweet from the Super Bowl, Marlon Wayans had the most followers;
  • Of all attendees to tweet from the Super Bowl, Sports Illustrated had the highest Klout score;
  • More than half of tweets from the Super Bowl were sent via Twitter for iPhone, with just 1 per cent originating from Twitter for Blackberry; and
  • 81% of tweeters from the Super Bowl were male.

Just under half the tweets collected contained hashtags. The most popular, not surprisingly, were #suberbowl, #SB48, and #SBXLVII. And although the Seahawks were dominant throughout the game, Broncos fans had the slight edge in terms of hashtag support for their team.

For many at the game, 140 characters simply didn’t cut it. So they opted to share their experience through photographs instead, with over a quarter of tweets originating via Instagram.

Game action aside, there was lots to tweet about. Many tweeted about having to work the event, annoyances with security, transportation glitches, and the standard over-priced beer and snacks.

Tweets from supporters of both teams started out equally positive, but once the outcome of the game became obvious, the tone predictably shifted. Many Seahawks fans tweeted photos of Broncos fans leaving the game early in the second quarter.

Super Bowl XLVIII - Winners & Losers from Inside MetLife Stadium

Source: www.mediamiser.com