Contraries attract! This applies to nobody much better than on men and women. Or do the borders become softer concerning the hard men and the gentle women? It seems that inside the beauty zone the special liking of men and women are getting closer. Men show their female side and women stand their men. How the current predilections of both sides in fact look reveals the following visualization.

Who needs more time in the bathroom?

Which scent does he favorite and what exactly is her most popular fragrance? Increasingly more women discover on their own heavy, smoky and woody scents. Gents prefer increasingly more flowery, simply and lightly perfumes. The assortment of beauty products for gents becomes bigger and bigger. And there it is only logical that men also spend a lot of time in the powder room. But can they keep up with the ladies? It’s claimed of them, that they get up before sunrise to expend hours and hours in the bathroom. Are these prejudices proper or just imaginations of a stereotyped thinking society?

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Beauty and care – the new topics for men?

Scenting good, being an eye catcher and a daily skincare – more and more men figure out cosmetics for themselves. It is only a short time ago when rough and chapped hands revealed anything about the quality of work of a man. Hand cream, day lotion and body milk are, just like using a perfume, essential in the daily care program. In an age, in which youthfulness represents performance capability, the preferences of gents have been replaced. As tuck and nip were generally something for the ladies, guys have discovered it also for themselves. The question now is, with which part of their body are they most disappointed?

Men vs women

How many people think, that a boy or a girl is going to be more fascinating by using fragrances or deodorant? And does there really exist the ultimate fragrance with a resistless impact? Are males nowadays more afraid of lines and wrinkles? Which part of the body would women change first? The infographic below gives answers to these and many more questions all around beauty . We are quite sure you will find some of the outcomes very surprising.

Complete Beauty Check for Men and Women