Somewhere around this Autumn, probably in the month of September, the all new iPhone 5 is going to be released with full updates. While everyone seems to be keenly and deeply interested with the concept, Apple’s iPhone 5 is going to use and so since then we also decided up to share some of its Specification generated from an Artist point of view.

We will also decide more on how this new kind of technology would work the best for all people to be the master at their work in the later part of the discussion. While many people have already made lot of efforts and lot of rumors have already turned up on how the Phone might actually look like in all forms. In the following infographic, we are trying to figure it out, how the iPhone 5 might actually looks like and what are its alternative possible variations.

However, we have also been taking a close look on Apple’s Gadget sometime now, since we officially have many of them with us. But since the updates regarding the next generation iPhone, we have also been able to compare this with that of the previous launched models and we found out some of the best stats and concepts to share with you.

So which model you like the best in Apple’s iPhone series? Also do let us know what products you like the most till now in Apple’s launch history. Speaking about us, the iPhone 4S and the new iPad is really fantastic to use and get updates.

The Future on How iPhone 5 Specifications is going to Look

Source: Applegazette