Coins. Currency. Cash. Money! You don’t need to be a coin or currency collector to want to get your hands on more of “the good stuff”. Each and every day coins and currencies shape our societies, our lives and our relationships… since about 650 B.C. We were curious to take a sneak peek behind the obsession and compiled this brief overview. This infographic explores the obsession behind coins and coin collecting in a fun and educational way. We look at how coins impacted our society from the ancient times (as far back as 7th century B.C.) through the modern day. We also explore how coins have made it into our language, our culture and even our gambling habits.

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Believe it or not, coin collecting is an extremely popular hobby around the globe. It is estimated that there are thousands of coin collectors who have collections of coins (big and small). Some collectors pride themselves in niches such as ancient coins while others specialize in acquiring, maintain, preserving and then reselling extremely rare and expensive coins. One such coin was recently sold for over $10M. This was one of the records set within the coin community.

At All Infographics, we wanted to look at all of the fuss around coin collecting and compile it into an easy-to-read, fun and educational infographic. While we don’t claim to be coin specialist, we do know coin supplies very well. We sell everything a coin collector would need to preserve, maintain, archive and grow their collections.

We urge you to spend a few minutes looking at the coin infographic to learn some fun stuff. Don’t worry – just because we’re quoting Sigmund Frued, you don’t need to get freaked out. Enjoy the fun fact about coins and coin obsessions and join the fun! Just make sure you steer clear from touching coins too much – it turns out that over 18% of coins contain E.Coli bacteria on them.

The Secret Story behind Coin obsession