Writing and Developing has been one of the most precious passion of mine. I have also imagined myself to be one of the best freelancers for both writing and developing beautiful web apps. This gives me intense fun and also give me additional chances to grow myself along with making some extra bucks than usual. This is particular one of the reason why i left my job out and joined the entrepreneurship world where i get to learn more and more almost everyday.

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Below is an awesome information graphics which we came across which gives you an idea of what the freelancing world is all about and what are its various Pros and Cons. If you are also aiming to be a freelancer ahead, then 25+ online freelancing tools will definitely help you lot. The following infographic will show you what is good and what is bad about the freelancing world and what are the Top 10 In-Demand Freelancing work in the world which are the future growth.

If you are already a freelancer then you might also see that freelancer give up their job of doing freelancing just because of the sake of salary, which is not surprising since it’s not everyone role to be a good freelancer. This is one of the most important which crosses everyone mind when we are about our career journey, to choose between Freelancing Self employed work or a Full time job?

Top 1o Advantages and Disadvantages of Freelancing Business

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