Having a multilingual website is no longer an option, it is absolutely essential.

To succeed in today’s uber-competitive market, companies must think globally. This entails having their website translated to at least one other alternative language besides the primary one. The translated website should clearly impart your message to the target audience so that they know exactly what your brand, service or product is about.

Here are 9 facts as to why you should have your website localized to different languages:

Better Communication

It’s no surprise that multilingual websites improve communication with your international clients. After all, if you can’t understand a website and don’t know what it’s selling, your chances of buying from it are slim. When you keep in mind that three quarters of all online shoppers prefer to buy in their own language, translating your site for them will meet their growing needs.

Wider Audience

80% of the world’s internet Traffic come from non US sites, so if you have your website just in English you are missing a wider audience. Speaking multiple languages on your website will let your product or service be more visible to people from different nationalities that might be interested in your product.

Better Client Satisfaction

Clients increase their satisfaction when they found services or product they want on their mother tongue, just make sure to localize your website, invest in a friendly user experience navigation on your website. This will lead you to clients coming back to your website, leaving solid reviews and sending more referrals getting at the end a win-win situation.

Search Engine Boost

The optimization on your website on search engines will increase. When you localize your website on different languages your SERP will increase worldwide. The reason for this is that you satisfy customer needs while you localize your website on different destinations like Mexico, China or Belgium.
When you localize your website for any specific market you are considering customer’s needs, culture, and way of thinking when they search for specific words, this will take your website to the top on your niche.

Rank Higher due to Lower Competition

If you are the first translating your websites in different languages at your niche, you will be in the first places. But is not a sustainable competitive advantage as the strategy is easy to copy and follow, and today having a multilingual website is essential. You will be one of the leads on your local niche while your competitors keep thinking the same way with products or services local, and no global.

Increase Audience

When you have a multilingual websites your audience will increase dramatically. You will be in the radar of potential buyers for your product or service. In 2016 3.5 billion new Internet users registered, just picture yourself how many opportunities you will have.

Translated Websites do not Get Penalized for Duplicate Content

When you translate your website on a different language they are not penalized for duplicate content you just need to set up your hreflang so when Google its reading your website they know is in a different language.

Increase your Sales

Localizing your website the proper way, you will have a good ROI, the time and money you invest will bring more sales and conversions. The fact that almost 4 billion users registered on the internet, doesn’t mean all of them will be your buyers you need to make sure to take the time and chose the proper languages for your business.

Satisfy the Majority

90% of internet users in EU agreed that websites should be in their native language. That means we need to have a multilingual website if we want our product or service reach a wider audience and satisfy the majority.

Localize your website

Now that you have all the benefits it is important that you hire a translator or a Certified Translations Company to handle better the localization of your website.

Top 10 benefits of Multilingual Websites