Living the way we want to, is one of the most definite thing in this world. Today’s infographic is a well extensively researched one showing the results from a survey of the best living countries in the world. While living the way we love the life has always been a dream for almost everyone in this world. While we have also included the country rank as well so that you can measure effectively cost of living, and all such factors.

However, if you give a close look on it, then you will find that Singapore is been listed out as number 1 for living because of its culture, atmosphere, cost of living and all such factors gave nice attention to the country. Also these countries are best to Start up a Business Plan with more attention from the customers for the product.

However, most of the time living and Business both comes together as most people resides in place where they find their business to be suitable. For this, we have already published an all time list for Best Countries to Do Business. You can also take the idea from Google on Generating Billions of Revenue every month by focusing on what they like and where people like(basically targeted audience).

So just get up and find your business on where it would be suitable to do and get started ahead to do business and find the most appropriate country to rock in your business. Also let us know in which industry you would like to open up your business so that we can give some best possible suggestion.

Top 10 Best Countries to Live Happy and Comfortable Life

Source: o5