Invoice finance provides a means to improve the cash flow of organizations. It is the best flexible asset you can have for your business and yet it is often overlooked. There has been a change in the way funding is handled in the organizations in UK in the recent years.

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With invoice finance, you can receive a good portion of the monies owed and the rest of the balance after the customers settle their invoice. This infographic depicts top ten facts about invoice finance in UK.

Continuous growth has been observed for five quarters in the advances made through factoring and discounting.

More than £ 200 billion cash was funded with the help of invoice finance facilities in 2010.

Providing advances up-front to the clients, with the help of factoring or discounting increased from £13.6 billion to £15 billion between 2006 to 2010.

Invoice Finance Lending
Funding of cash through factoring or discounting increased by 22% and the lending industry based on assets increased by 11%.

Factoring stands as the major invoice finance facility in terms of clients.

Factoring Penetration
By 2010, 18.894 businesses had factoring facilities.

In cash funding, invoice discounting is the popular invoice finance.

Discounting Penetration
By 2010, 17.466 businesses had invoice discounting.

Discounting Flexibilities
In 2010, nearly £180 billion cash was funded.

Manufacturing industry makes up 31% of invoice finance facilities.

Top 10 Best Invoice Finance Facts in United Kingdom(UK)