As children grow up, they pass through different stages of development. Every day is an adventure filled with new discoveries, filled with new skills. While each child is different, there are general landmarks that they experience along the way, developing connections between the mind and body. As your child grows, it’s important to encourage your little one to play, to learn and to discover. Toys are great tools for nurturing a variety of skills. The infographic below explores some of the landmarks of development and which toys can help children achieve these developmental levels when they’re ready.

Motor Skills

As children develop their muscles, they get better at controlling their movements. Gross motor skills are used with large muscles and muscle groups, sometimes encompassing whole-body movements. Gross motor skills include crawling, standing, walking, pushing and pulling. Your child will develop gross motor skills before developing fine motor skills, usually mastering the basics by 18 months.

Fine motor skills are used with smaller muscles and muscle groups to control the hands and feet, fingers and toes, and lips and tongue, to name a few. Basic fine motor skills are typically noticeable by age 2 as your child learns how to grip, grasp, twist, pedal and climb. Most children continue to refine and master their gross and fine motor skills to reach more advanced levels between the ages of 6 and 12.

Learning With Toys

Toys can help your child to develop and explore motor skills, balance, creativity and coordination. Some toys are more helpful than others, encouraging muscle development through repetition, practice and discovery. They should also be fun and engaging. When choosing which kids’ toys are best suited to your little one, consider the recommended age and developmental level for the product.

Crayons, pedal vehicles, building blocks, simple puzzles and tricycles are some of the toys that children can have fun playing with while they learn how to use their motor skills. Encourage your child to play with new toys and learn new skills. You’ll be able to watch your little one make new discoveries and grow a little every day.

Check out the infographic below to discover some of the developmental landmarks that you can expect your child to reach and when. It also includes a list of the 10 best toys to help kids develop motor skills.

Top 10 Best Toys to Help Develop Motor Skills