Do you love to be a billionaire? If you have a great stratup ideas just like shown below in the following infographic then you could also have high possibilities of becoming a great tech billionaire college dropout. Interestingly, as we have already seen that most Billionaire business are today run by people who are actually college dropouts say for example Mark Zuckerberg for his marvelous ideas bring Facebook into live, Steve Jobs known to be the man of the century brought in the best Gadgets in the entire world, Bill Gates producing the famous Operating System Microsoft Windows are some of the best examples of college Dropouts.

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One of the most interesting thing which you will find common in everyone of them is that they believed their idea and thus started working for that right from their college days. They had left the college too to work on their idea and in the end brought a great revolution to the world with their innovative concept. You could also see best 25+ jobs for more income to you.

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With the face that now Wikipedia has brought education into new stream, so now it becomes really easy for all the people to learn everything from the online world itself.

The following information graphic is meant to answer most of your question with regards to what you need to do to be a billionaire and does college education really worth in the long run?

Top 10 College Dropout Tech Billionaire

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