America has been growing in all dimensions, one of the most important ones of which is the education area. Many of the American Universities top charts when it comes to the overall ratings and quality education. The population of people acquiring certificates, diplomas and graduate degrees have increased manifold as compared to the earlier times. Here’s a list of the top 10 certificate degrees in America.

The certificate course which aids individuals in executing medical office administrative services and clinical duties is the most awarded degree in America and this certificate enables the individuals to become medical assistants. The certificate course of a vocational nurse training is another very popular degree which Americans go for. In the year 2012, as many as 52034 such degrees were awarded in America.

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With a total of 49396 degrees awarded in 2012, Cosmetology is another degree which is opted by many individuals for the great prospects that it has. A patient care assistant is an individual who performs routine nursing related duties under the training of a registered nurse and this is another certificate program which is taken up by many individuals in America in the present times.

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The certificate program which certifies an individual to become an automobile technician is also among the top 10 certificate degrees in America as of now. A total of 24249 such degrees were awarded to people in 2012.A degrees which enables individuals to manage medical emergencies is another such certificate course and is known as emergency medical technology.

A degree program in massage therapy helps individuals learn the art of giving massages and therapies to clients and this program is a hot favorite in America. In America, one has to acquire a special certificate in order to work as a welder and surprisingly this program is also very popular among people. Truck and Bus Driver and dental assistant courses are the other 2 programs on this list.

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