Summer Season is on its way where most people go for outing with their friends and families. While driving safely has always been one of the top priority of any citizen of any country. Driving provides us a real experience of checking out unusual maps, driving out of the city in haunted roads. While out of all, there is something which is not visible to many, which is the distraction during driving.

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Most of the Distraction during driving causes accidents. We everyone see how many accidents are occurring these days today because of distractions inside the car. A report on driving accidents done showed us that 5474 people were died and over half a million has already been injured in just a year statistics, just because of distractions during driving.

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Checkout the following information graphic provided below to know what are all the distractions that cause the drivers to go for an accident.

Top 10 Dangerous Driver Distractions leading to Accidents

Source: Driving & Accidents